Growing up, like most punky kids, my Dad’s instructions went through my ears faster than he could give them.  So instead of repeating himself (he was a stern Chinese man of few words), he wrote little post-it notes and placed them EVERYWHERE.  Granted these were simple and crucial instructions such as:

“Lock Door when you leave.” – On the door knob

“Turn off lights.” – Light switch

“Put dish in sink.” – Dining Room table, followed by:

“Wash dish, then dry.” – Sink

“Flush.” – You get the idea

By the time I was 16, the house was covered in these notes. However, as rude and annoying as it sounds, he always followed up by stating on the note:

“Thank You. Cooperate.”

Which made all the commands seem so reasonable.  It’s almost like, “Well if you put it that way. Sure!”

As an homage to Pops.  I decided to make that as the motto of our little Chinese Resto.  It would be one of my first “executive” decisions.  But the important thing about a restaurant is its food…

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