Something good to eat…

The picture in the heading is my Pappardelle Bagna Cauda.

The beauty is in its simplicity. It is basically pasta, butter, garlic, anchovies, parsley and Parmesan cheese.  Oh and a fried egg on top because everything tastes better with a *fried egg on top.  Don’t be afraid of the anchovies. When mixed with butter and garlic it turns into this unbelievable paste that gives off a rich nutty aroma. Then when you break the yolk and everything becomes this lovely, gooey mess…oy!  I highly suggest making it, albeit only once a year (then take a nap).

Yeah it’s not Chinese food and it’s not on the menu at the shop. But this is the kind of foods that inspires me to cook a different style of “Chinese”.  Not to mention everyone knows Marco Polo took a lot of recipes from the Chinese!  Ha.

*Speaking of fried egg.  My favorite kind of fried egg is the crunchy kind.  Back in Taiwan no one’s ever heard of “over easy” eggs.  Yeah, the protoplasmic whites is very unappetizing. It’s like eating white goo.  Usually when I fried an egg, I let the oil sit in the pan until it really hot (like almost smoking).  When it egg goes in, it sizzles and crackles like it’s about to blow up.  What happens is you’re creating some crunchiness that give you some texture to this otherwise gelatinous form.  No worries though, when done right the yolk will still be there as its own sauce. Try drizzling a little soy or ponzu with just a touch of sesame oil.  Trust me on this one.

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