Happy?! Who’s F’n Happy??

I realize it’s been a WHILE since my last post.  Well partly because owning a restaurant is NOT easy.  It’s freaking HARD work.   So after reading this about a week in the life of a restauranteur BEFORE opening, I decided to share a little bit about what life is like AFTER a place has opened.  Basically what he has to look forward to.

Pretty much every other day either someone or something goes wrong or breaks down.  Let’s put it this way.  The term “Future” is a mere suggestion because you never know what’s gonna happen.  You know why there are no comprehensive insurance packages for restaurants?  Because it’s not even a question of  “in case shit happens.”  You can pretty much BET on things going wrong and messes with your life.

That’s not even the “woe is me” part.  The really fun part is that “service” doesn’t care if your freezer broke down (and it’s 109 out,) fry cook got drunk during lunch, or line cook just doesn’t “feel” up to it that day.  Freaking customers keep on coming in (if you’re lucky) and you better deliver a great plate of food or else they’re not coming back.

So much of being a “restauranteur” is depending on others.  We’re at the mercy of the customers, plumbers, electricians, delivery guys, inspectors, most of all our own staff (and again, the customers.)   They all can choose to make your life just Purgatory or  pure Hell.

Not to mention at the end of the day, you’re worried about the economy, the weather, or if Chipotle is gonna open a Chinese place to really F you over.  And people wonder why we drink.

After it’s all said and done, we’re all just glorified cooks and waiters and we do this because we’re either crazy, have nothing else better to do, or love making food.

I leave you with this brilliant clip from Treme. I always remind myself this.

(Can’t figure out how to rip the video from the page, so please go here and watch the third clip down with David Chang.)

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