Summer time…the drinking is easy.


It’s a bit crowded. I need a drink…

It’s a gorgeous sunny day. 

You’re lounging by the pool in your flippy-floppies. Staring up at the sky, you watch little puffs of clouds drift by. A lazy breeze cools the beads of sweat on your forehead and reminds you that it’s warm out here. You reach over to grab your favorite….

Wait. You forgot to bring a drink!!

No worries. I’ve got you covered with my list of our favorite Summer Cocktails!

First up. You know what they say about beating the heat. Eat something spicy. Well we’ve got just the drink. The Jalapeno Margarita.


It’s all about the spicy rim.

With its spicy salted rim, this drink captures all three flavors of salty, spicy, and sweet. A perfect drink to wake you up and cool you down.

Prepare your garnish by combining some kosher salt, a few dash of chili pepper, cayenne pepper, some lime zest and chilosito into a shallow round container.

Blend a jalapeno pepper with some fresh lime juice and agave nectar and set aside. Then pour tequila, limeade and fresh orange juice together over ice. Combine the two mixtures into a shaker and shake vigorously. 

Dip the rim of your glass into the shaker, then dab it into the round container to get the chili salt mix onto the rim. Then pour your spicy margarita into the glass and viola! 

 Next up is the Moscow Mule. The key to this drink is its tangy addition of ginger beer. With three simple ingredients, it’s something you can easily make. However, I recommend procuring yourself some copper mugs. The copper keeps your drink nice and chilled, exactly what you want on a hot summer day. Don’t take my word for it. It’s on Oprah’s Favorite Things List.


The cooper mug is KEY.

 Combine two part vodka, one part lime juice, and three parts ginger beer (preferably Cock ‘n Bull Ginger Beer since it’s what was used when the drink was first invented, not in Moscow but in New York). Pour it over ice, quick stir and serve it in that copper mug with some mint or a sprig of thyme.

Let’s stay with the vodka theme for a moment. 

One of the most popular summer drinks that doesn’t involve alcohol is the Arnie Palmer. Supposedly the famous golfer used to combine lemonade and ice tea at home. One day a lady overheard him making the request at a country club and subsequently ordered “that Palmer drink” and from that the drink got its now equally famous name. 

Gotta hand it to him, the combination of lemonade and ice tea is damn tasty. Sometimes lemonade can be too tart or too sweet. Adding ice tea kinda smooths out the flavor and makes it more balance. To improve upon near perfection, we add vodka. The best thing about this drink is, for some reason, the taste of vodka disappears, so you can’t even taste the alcohol. Some people call this the John Daly (He’s also a golfer, more famous for his drinking problem than his golf game) but I rather not to be reminded of someone’s drinking problem when I’m having a drink, so let it remain nameless.


“Lemonade…that cool, refreshing drink…”

This one is easy so feel free to play around with flavors. Some people add some O.J., some a splash of cranberry. Be inventive and make it your own. Who knows, maybe some day they’ll name that drink after you.

Ok. Now something for the beer lovers. 

The Michelada is a Mexican drink that combines beer with lime juice. It’s reportedly a great hangover cure because you’re sorta doing that “hair of the dog” thing but since it’s not straight liquor, you’re not simply getting drunk quickly, again.


Thank you for the image!

There are many variations. Some add hot sauce, some worcestershire, some even put clamato (clam juice and tomato juice) in it. We’re not gonna get that adventurous. 

Start with a light mexican beer like Corona or Dos Equis. Add some lime juice, Cointreau (orange liquor,) and wait for it…a shot of tequila. That’s right. After all, this is cocktail list. Don’t shake it up though (it’s got beer = bubbles.) Pour it over a salted rimmed glass. If you’ve got some left from the spicy jalapeno margarita, use those! Now go ahead and drink your hangover away.

Last but not least. We’re going old school.

Ladies and gentleman. The Watermelon Daiquiri!


Not the best picture but hey, I made the glass!

Nothing fancy about this drink. Just peel and cube your watermelon, add rum and triple sec then throw it into your blender. For nice added touch, chop up some mint leaves and toss them in there too. Add some crushed ice and blend away. One very important trick. Make sure you throw your watermelon cubes in the freezer for a few hours before blending. It’ll make the whole thing icy and not watery. Don’t forget your little umbrella!

Okay now that we’ve given you some ideas, you can finally grab that cocktail and head back out to the pool to enjoy the gorgeous day. That magazine isn’t going to read itself.



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