Top Chef Recaps

Top Chef Season 10 in Seattle Recaps:

Episode 1. “The Ultimate Chef Test”

Episode 2. “A Shock at the Space Needle”

Episode 3. “Tom vs. Emeril: Turkeypocalypse”

Episode 4. “50’s Food Flashback”

Episode 5. “Pick’s Place Pickle”

Episode 7. “Foiled Again”

Episode 8. “Jalapeno Business”

Episode 9. “Something’s Fishy”

Episode 10. “Battle Before the War”

Episode 11. “Restaurant Wars”

Episode 12. “Wolfgang Cluck”

Episode 13. “Chefs at Sea”

Episode 14. “King of Alaska”

Episode 15. “Glacial Gourmand”

Episode 16. “Finale Part 1”

Episode 17. “Finale Part 2”

Hope to see you on October 3rd! (The day after the premiere.)

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